a short story by J.M. Duell

The torrent had since dried, and they continued to walk in a Northern direction through the sweltering heat of the late summer day. Ariel had warned the others that Elias really hadn’t any idea where he was leading the group; she warned that maybe Elias had finally lost any rational thought and his mental stability is weakening by the hour.

Visions of billowy sheets of bright neon green flashed before Ariel’s eyes. They motioned through the wind similar to butterflies—droplets of similar dewdrops in glowing neon purple seemed to drip from the bottom of the mysterious semi-transparent thing—its direction seemed to be similar to hers. She reached out in an attempt to catch a drop and each time that she had, it had shifted further away. She wondered if this is what Elias was seeing as well as he strolled ahead of the group…

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